Parking Products
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Speed Bumps and Humps:

SSI introduced modular Speed Bumps and Humps to the market over the past couple of years. These products, manufactured from black rubber with bright yellow reflective highlights, provides great visibility in all types of weather conditions. The modular nature of the product provides easier handling and storage, as well as allows for customized lengths, based on individual customer needs. Both Bumps and Humps have the same maximum height off the ground, with the Hump spreading the impact over a wider area, resulting in a gentler impact on vehicles.

Parking Curbs:

SSI’s Parking Curbs have similar reflective benefits to the Speed Bumps and Humps, as they are made from similar materials, with the solid black rubber highlighted by the bright yellow reflective material for maximum visibility. Our Parking Curbs come in 6 ft. lengths.