Terms and Conditions of Sale

The sale of products by Strategic Sourcing International Inc. to it’s customer are subject to the following terms and conditions regardless of other terms or conditions in any purchase order, document, or other communication from the Customer.

1. Customer Orders: All Orders are subject to acceptance by Strategic Sourcing International. Contracts between the Customer and Strategic Sourcing International are formed upon Strategic Sourcing International’s written acceptance, Electronic Data Interchange (“EDI”) acknowledgment or the execution of the Customer’s Order and are subject to this Agreement. Customers may not change, cancel or reschedule Orders for Products without Strategic Sourcing International’s consent, and Strategic Sourcing International reserves the right to allocate the sale of Products among our Customers.

2. Produce Pricing: Unless otherwise stated, prices are for Products only and do not include taxes, freight, duties or any other charges or fees for additional services. The Customer is responsible for any and all additional fees not included in the stated price.

3. Terms of Payment: Unless otherwise arranged by customer account, payments are made by credit card, and are processed upon order placement, prior to the shipment of product. Customers who are provided trade credit through a customer account, are subject to the terms and conditions for payment outlined in their customer account agreement.

4. Product Delivery: All customer orders are shipped for delivery to the address provided during the checkout process on our website. The choice of carrier is left up to the sole discretion of Strategic Sourcing International, Inc.

5. Title: Title shall pass to Customer upon delivery of the Products to the carrier selected for shipment.

6. Warranty: The Customer acknowledges that Strategic Sourcing International Inc. is not the manufacturer of the Product sold. As a result, Strategic Sourcing International Inc. makes no warranty, express or implied, such as warranty of merchantability, fitness for purpose or non-infringement, unless provided by the manufacturer of the product in question.

7. Product Return: The Customer may return Product to Strategic Sourcing International only with a return material authorization (“RMA”) number issued by us.. If Strategic Sourcing International determines such Products are not eligible for return, Strategic Sourcing International will notify the customer, and determine the appropriate action required.

8. Limitation of Liability: Strategic Sourcing International Inc.’s liability to any Customer is limited to Customer’s direct damages up to an amount not exceeding the price of the Product at issue. Strategic Sourcing International is not liable for and the Customer is not entitled to any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (for example, loss of profits or revenue, loss of data, loss of use, rework, repair, manufacturing expense, costs of product recall, injury to reputation or loss of customers).

9. Forces Beyond Our Control: Strategic Sourcing International is not liable for failure to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement due to causes beyond its reasonable control (for example, acts of nature, acts or omissions of the Customer, operational disruptions, man-made or natural disasters, epidemic medical crises, materials or Product shortages, strikes, criminal acts, delays in delivery or transportation, or inability to obtain labor, materials or Products through regular sources).

10. Additional General Terms and Conditions:

  1. This Agreement shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Province of
    Nova Scotia, Canada.
  2. Customers may not assign this Agreement to any other party.
  3. The unenforceability or invalidity of any of these terms or conditions will not affect the remainder of the
    terms or conditions.
  4. Products, including software or other intellectual property, are subject to any applicable rights of third
    parties, such as patents, copyrights and user licenses, and Customers shall comply with such rights.
  5. The parties agree that electronic signatures may be used and will be legally valid, effective, and enforceable.
  6. Product information (for example, statements or advice (technical or otherwise) advertisement content, and
    information related to a Product’s specifications, features, export/import control classifications, uses or
    conformance with legal or other requirements) is provided by Strategic Sourcing International on an “AS IS”
    basis and does not form a part of the properties of the Product. Strategic Sourcing International makes no
    representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the Product information, and disclaims all
    representations, warranties and liabilities under any theory with respect to the product information.
    Strategic Sourcing International recommends the Customer validate any Product Information before using or
    acting on such information. All Product information is subject to change without notice. Strategic Sourcing
    International is not responsible for typographical or other errors or omissions in Product information.